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Alto Lesson 185

Alto Sax Lesson 185 – Pinball Wizard – by Elton John

Originally by The Who, Pinball Wizard is a GREAT rock song.  Elton John came along in the mid 1970’s and did his version of Pinball Wizard for a movie called Tommy.  Please be aware that The Who and Elton John’s versions of this song are in different keys – which means that they play different notes.

This Alto Saxophone Lesson is based around the Elton John version of Pinball Wizard.

Another main point for this lesson is that saxophones are extremely versatile.  We can play melodies, solos, riffs, brass lines, along with the vocals, along with the guitar or keys or bass….pretty much what ever we feel like !  In this lesson we play large along with the band and some of the vocal melody.  As saxophonists we can do what ever we like !!  

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