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Get 50% off your saxophone lessons membership during November

Say NO to stuffy and boring saxophone lessons !

Why is it that most saxophone teachers make learning the saxophone so tedious that you lose the will to live ?

Music should be fun !

Are you sick and tired of sticking to someone else’s schedule and learning what they are forcing you to learn at a time and place that suits them ?

My saxophone lessons are fun, with the occasional Dad Joke and a hint of silliness thrown in – but we’ll still efficiently and professionally get you playing the songs that YOU want to play – and give you the chops to keep going.


Watch and Learn and Play along with the saxophone lessons inside the members area.


It is a well known fact that having a guide and a mentor will accelerate your learning and bring your goals closer – and achieve them in record time.  By watching the saxophone lessons inside the members area, you too will be rock’n and roll’n in no time.

By slowing things down, we will speed up your saxophone journey.


Achieve your musical goals – Or help your son / daughter achieve theirs !


Maybe you want to pick up the saxophone again after not playing it since you were at High School.  Maybe you just want to learn how to be able to play a particular song or three.  Maybe you’ve tried once or twice with a dull and boring teacher and lost the will to live.

Maybe you ARE going to be a rock star when you grow up, but you weren’t allowed to at the time….go on… you know you want to….


Learn Songs without reading music.

50% OFF Saxophone Lessons Memberships for November only

We’ll start with the easy songs, then we’ll move on to learning the GOOD ONES !!

Note: most of the good songs are actually not as hard as you might think !  Funk, Soul, Rock, Blues, Pop, Country, Disco….

Get 50% off your saxophone lessons membership during November




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