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Get 50% off your saxophone lessons membership during November

Say NO to stuffy and boring saxophone lessons !

Why is it that most saxophone teachers make learning the saxophone so tedious that you lose the will to live ?

Music should be fun !

Are you sick and tired of sticking to someone else’s schedule and learning what they are forcing you to learn at a time and place that suits them ?

My saxophone lessons are fun, with the occasional Dad Joke and a hint of silliness thrown in – but we’ll still efficiently and professionally get you playing the songs that YOU want to play – and give you the chops to keep going.


Watch and Learn and Play along with the saxophone lessons inside the members area.


Have fun, play sax, be awesome, repeat 🙂

Learn Awesome Songs without reading music.

50% OFF Saxophone Lessons Memberships for November only


We’ll start with a couple of easy songs, then we’ll move on to learning the GOOD ONES !!

Note: most of the good songs are actually not as hard as you might think !  Funk, Soul, Rock, Blues, Pop, Country, Disco….

Get 50% off your saxophone lessons membership during November




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Did I mention that we are having a 50% OFF sale for all Saxophone Lessons Membership options in November ?


Remember – I can help you learn How To Play The Sax 🙂


YES – I want to Have Fun, Play Sax, Be Awesome and Repeat !


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