Alto Saxophone G Major Scale – Online Saxophone Lessons


How to play G Major Scale on the Saxophone ( Alto ).

Learn the Alto Saxophone G Major Scale.

Train your fingers and learn how to play the saxophone with this online saxophone lessons video and PDF Cheat Sheet.


Alto Saxophone G Major Scale – Online Saxophone Lessons

Learn how to play the G Major scale on your Alto Saxophone.

OK – scales aren’t overly sexy.  In fact, scales are the vegetables of music.

However, if you can play some scales, your fingers will know what to do and when to do it on your saxophone.

Download this online saxophone lesson and learn the Alto Saxophone G Major Scale immediately.

Not only will you get the Video file to watch and learn from as often as you like, but you also get the PDF Cheat Sheet to print as well.

This video saxophone lesson runs for 7 minutes and 21 seconds and shows you all you need to know about playing the alto saxophone G Major scale.

Note – this saxophone lesson is one of many featured inside the Members Area.  In fact, ALL of the individual lessons here in the Shop are available to you as a Member for a low Monthly or Yearly fee.  Find out more about our Saxophone Lessons Membership Options.


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