Saxophone Practice Makes Perfect – Online Saxophone Lessons.

If you don’t eat your meat you can’t have any pudding.

The same concept applies to playing your saxophone – if you don’t practice you will not get any better.

My goal is to help you play the kind of music you want to play, with the people you want to play with, when ever and where ever you want.

Quite simply, like all new skills, you need to play your sax as often as possible.  5 minutes each day is better than 30 minutes saxophone practice once a week.

Saxophone Practice Makes Perfect !

Download this video file (.mov) and learn how to practice your saxophone efficiently and effectively.

This video saxophone lesson runs for 5 minutes and 20 seconds and shows you all you need to know about practicing your Saxophone.


Note – this saxophone lesson is one of many featured inside the Members Area.  In fact, ALL of the individual lessons here in the Shop are available to you as a Member for a low Monthly or Yearly fee.  Find out more about our Saxophone Lessons Membership Options.


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