Relaxation Music 3 Albums Pack


Download this THREE ALBUM Relaxation Music package today.

Featuring the full and complete albums : River to the Sea , Sea To Sky and Simply Relaxation.

The 2 international best selling Relaxation Music albums River to the Sea and Sea To Sky by Rick Plumridge and Matthew Harding feature many of the unique sounds of Australia, together with peaceful music that will capture your imagination.

Simply Relaxation is also an internationally best selling Guided Meditation program by Rosemary Bennett, featuring relaxation music by Rick Plumridge and Matthew Harding.  Let Rosemary guide you through her relaxing guided meditation program.

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Relaxation Music - River To The Sea

Album 1 – Relaxation Music – River to the Sea – Digital Download

Allow yourself to be transported to the top of a mountain during a storm.  Then relax as you move from mountain to stream, from the River to the Sea.

Sample 1 – Reflections


Sample 2 – Rhythm of the Rain


Sample 3 – Sunbeams


Sample 5 – Onward


More samples from River to the Sea can be heard here – River to the Sea.


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Album 2 – Relaxation Music – Sea To Sky – Digital Download

Allow yourself to float away on a magical journey, that will take you from stream to bush, from Sea To Sky.

Sample 1 – Winter Sun


Sample 2 – Respite


Sample 3 – Adrift


Sample 6 – The Summit


More samples from Sea To Sky can be heard here – Sea To Sky.


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Album 3 – Guided Meditation – Simply Relaxation – Digital Download

Simply Relaxation is a guided relaxation and guided meditation audio program, by relaxation expert Rosemary Bennett.  Simply Relaxation can assist in dealing with the stress of our complex and hectic lifestyle.

There are short, medium and longer meditations – you can choose a suitable guided meditation track for the available time you have.

Track 1 is the introduction – it sets the scene.  Tracks 2, 3 and 4 are the actual Guided Meditations, led by Rosemary.  Tracks 5, 6, 7 and 8 are the backing / background music (used behind Rosemarys guided meditations) on their own as stand alone relaxation music pieces.

Sample 2 – Take Air


Sample 3 – Visual Escape


Sample 5 – Temple Of Harmony


Sample 8 – Belief


More samples from Simply Relaxation can be heard here – Simply Relaxation.


Download your digital copy of ALL THREE ALBUMS:

  • “River to the Sea”,

  • “Sea To Sky”,

  • “Simply Relaxation”


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