Relaxation Music – River To The Sea


River to the Sea is the international best selling relaxation music album by Rick Plumridge and Matthew Harding.  River to the Sea features many of the unique sounds of Australia, together with peaceful music that will capture your imagination.

In it’s own right, or as a compliment to Sea To Sky, this album makes a welcome addition to any relaxation music collection.

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Listen to audio samples below.


Relaxation Music – River to the Sea – Digital Download

Allow yourself to be transported to the top of a mountain during a storm.  Then relax as you move from mountain to stream, from the River to the Sea.

Delight to the wondrous sounds during this incredible journey – splash with the Platypus in the shallows of a river, bound into the bush with a Kangaroo, laugh with the Kookaburras.  Visualise the splendid colours of Rosellas and Lorikeets as they fly by and imagine fog enshrouded eucalyptus trees as bellbirds sing to one another.

Finally, let the waves surround you, soothing….., as you are taken up into the clouds, back to the mountains, to begin the journey again…

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Sample 1 – Reflections


Sample 2 – Rhythm of the Rain


Sample 3 – Sunbeams


Sample 4 – Daybreak


Sample 5 – Onward


Sample 6 – The Meeting


Sample 7 – Eternity


Sample 8 – After the Storm


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