How To Play The Sax

How To Play The Sax

Have Fun.  Play Saxophone.  Be Awesome.  Repeat.

Rock Soul Funk Blues Classic Hits Saxophone Lessons

Play your favourite Rock, Soul, Funk and Blues songs – WITHOUT reading music.

Even if you have never played before, I can help you learn how to play the sax.

Stop struggling and start playing saxophone today.

Here at How To Play The Sax we cater for beginner saxophone players of all ages- especially those who are old enough to know that most of the best songs were written in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.


Online Saxophone Lessons Membership

Become a Member and learn how to play the Rock, Soul, Funk, Blues and Classic Hits songs that YOU want to play – quickly and easily – WITHOUT reading music.
Learn saxophone when and where it suits YOU.

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Tailor Made Lessons Just For You.

My name is Matthew – and I want you to enjoy your music.

Rock, Soul, Funk, Blues – Let’s play it together !

Want to learn a particular song ?  Make a request in our Members Only Forums !

We learn to “play by ear” with the help of downloadable Cheat Sheets.  No need to read music !

We play HEAPS of great songs that you know and love (and very little music theory).


Most of the online saxophone lessons inside our Members Area are classic rock and soul songs.  And we are adding more every week !


Awesome Saxophone Lessons

Life is too short to play bad songs on your saxophone.  Here we concentrate on quick wins – getting you up to speed to play the GREAT SONGS that you want to play.  Each of our individual saxophone lessons videos run for between 5 and 25 minutes.  No complicated jazz or classical theory – just playing the rock, soul, funk and blues songs that YOU want to play.

Beginners Welcome

Let your musical journey begin – starting with a saxophone !  Never played an instrument before ?  No problem.  We will make it a priority to have fun with your or your child’s saxophone lessons using aural training (playing by ear), suitable backing tracks and great classic rock, soul, funk and blues songs.  Log in any time you like and watch and learn how to play the sax !  Let’s play the kind of music YOU want to play !

Flexible and Affordable Saxophone Lessons

Our Saxophone Lessons Membership options allow you learn how to play the saxophone when and where it suits you.  As a Member, you get more than a months worth of saxophone lessons for less than a quarter of the price of one regular in person one-on-one lesson – and you don’t have to travel anywhere !  Join our Saxophone Lessons Membership Program and learn how to play the saxophone where-ever and when-ever you like !

Music lessons – and in particular, saxophone lessons – should be fun !

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Everybody Needs Somebody - How To Play The Saxophone
From My Students
Anyone can learn How To Play The Sax.
“Matthew helps me and makes playing my saxophone fun.  We are playing music together and I’m learning how to play MY music by ear and put my own style into it. ”

11 - Grade 6 Student

“You are the fun music teacher I never had at school. You are awesome Matthew. Thanks again for making me feel comfortable to ask questions. Cheers, Jez.”


“I felt these lessons for exactly right for me. I’m 70 years old and I have wanted to play the sax since I was 13. I found that with Matthew’s lessons I was able to progress quickly. I enjoyed his style very much and I like how he would go slow and carefully to ensure the student understood what was happening. Great course !!”

70 - Retired

“I am learning how to play my saxophone with confidence.  There is no such thing as a wrong note !”

17 - Year 11 Student

“I played saxophone back in high school and now have picked it up again after a 45 year break.  Matthew breaks down the songs into simple sections and makes it easy to learn.  I’m having a great time playing again !”

59 - Old Enough To Know Better

“I am really enjoying my lessons with you Matthew, they are a lot of fun ! I played Saxophone as a teenager and now 30 years later am learning to again ! Thanks so much !”


Let’s Learn how to play the sax together.

YOU have the ability to play saxophone inside you already.

I can help you unlock and unleash it !

…and learn how to play the saxophone when-ever and where-ever you would like.  Log in and play saxophone right now.

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