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Our Members and Saxophone Students are AWESOME.

And they say the nicest things 🙂

Matthew not only gets you up and running quickly, he makes everything about learning “HowToPlayTheSax” fun at the same time.  I love his inspirational and motivational method of teaching.  Stick with him and you will be playing songs before you know it.

Matthew makes all his lessons fun while providing encouragement along the way.  With his membership comes a vast wealth of resources, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.  I especially like how he provides songs translated into easy to read and understand sheet notation.

If you ever thought someday you are going to learn “HowToPlayTheSax” today is the day, GO FOR IT!  You will not regret signing up with Mathew’s HowToPlayTheSax Membership program.  With his trial Program you have nothing to lose and everything to learn.  I’ll hear you inside.

Paul - USA

Matthew is a great motivational tutor and the lessons are always simply instructed and purposefully coordinated.  Since I began 5 weeks ago I’m absolutely blown away/surprised at the level I have reached – some of my family who are also musicians are staggered too.  This is testament that REALLY teaches howtoplaythesax !!!

You are truly ROCKSTAR AWESOME!!!

Thank you💥💯🎷

Annette - New Zealand

I think you’re onto a winner with these lessons, Matthew.
I just purchased your online sax course for beginners and I’d like to say from the outset that so far it’s been a fantastic way to learn the initial steps – speaking from someone who is 60 years old and bought a sax two days ago with absolutely no experience playing any instrument.

They’re well thought out, easy to follow and fun. They go into a lot more detail than I would have expected. Good luck with it !

Mark - Australia

I just signed up to Matthew’s courses and have to say I am excited for the future.

I am 61 and only started playing the Sax this year, I’ve had four lessons with tutor so far.  I have watched lots of Sax lessons on YouTube and have to say Matthew’s are the very best.  I love his teaching style.

Looking forward to connecting with other students on this course,

Best wishes,

Anne D - USA

Hi Matthew, Hi Sax-Awesomes,

I want to say thanks to you Matthew, as i have so much fun with your lessons and every week I fever for the next song.

And in the short time of now 8 months playing tenor, bari and soprano in four very different scenarios:

  • I play with another saxophone friend of mine, with a guitar group, and with a rock band where we played at my work summer party.
  • I also play and have gigs with a bigband where I am playing small solo parts on my Tenor and alto sax.

And each time i learn more, and really make great progress and have fun.

I would not not have come so far without your motivation and lessons !  So again, Thank you Matthew, it would be great to meet you some time in Berlin, maybe i just must organize a gig for you…

Keep up the awesome work, and for all other saxophonists: find a group of other musicians and you will make so much progress and have even more fun – be awesome!


Bernhard - Germany

Saxophone Lessons Testimonial
Saxophone Lessons Testimonial

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