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Learn How To Play The Saxophone quickly and easily today !

Greetings, Future Sax Legend !

Are you looking to Have Fun, Play Sax, Be Awesome and then Repeat 🙂

Are you wanting to learn how to play the saxophone, but are not sure where to start ?


You’ve come to the right place !

Beginner Saxophone Lessons

All Ages – Family Friendly.

My Beginner Saxophone Lessons are for the both the Young and the Young-At-Heart.

Save Time

No need to drive across town to your saxophone teacher.  You can log in and learn saxophone at a moments notice, when-ever and where-ever you like.

24 x 7 x 365 access !!

Save More Time

Stop wasting time searching and scouring the internet for saxophone lessons.  They are all here inside our members area.  My saxophone lessons are organised, logical and ready to help you progress.  Simply start at Lesson 1, move on to Lesson 2, and keep going !

Save Frustration

Progress faster with expert guidance.  Get better at playing your sax quickly.  Quick wins and fun along the way are my specialty !

Quick and Easy

Together we will play the songs that you want to play.  Feel like playing your saxophone right now, but have only got a few minutes ?  No problem – log in and choose a lesson.

Learn fundamentals

Get the help you need with reeds, mouthpieces, neck straps, how to hold your sax, breathing, embouchures, fingering, some scales – even what sunglasses to wear when you become a rock star…

Save Money

Music Lessons (including saxophone lessons) can be expensive.  Become a member for on going sax lessons at less that a quarter of the price.


I will help you learn How To Play The Sax.  We have forums for you to ask questions, post requests, give and get song ideas and take your sax playing to the next level.  I will be in the forums and members areas every day to help you 🙂

No B.S.

No feeling inadequate, no stress, no elite-musician-babble.  Simple.  Easy.  I will break your learning down into bite sized manageble pieces.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Take your time.  No rush.  Chill out.  Relax.  No pressure.  Or binge watch.  Watch and play along with each lesson as often as you like.  Questions ?  Ask in the Members forums !

Learn Songs

We’ll start with the easy ones, then we’ll move on to learning the GOOD ONES !!  Hint: most of the good songs are actually not as hard as you might think !  Funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Country, Disco, Classical and more….

Say NO to stuffy and boring saxophone lessons!


Why is it that most saxophone teachers make learning the saxophone so tedious that you lose the will to live ?  Music should be fun !


Are you sick and tired of sticking to someone else’s schedule and learning what they are forcing you to learn at a time and place that suits them ?


My saxophone lessons are fun, with the occasional Dad Joke and a hint of silliness thrown in – but we’ll still efficiently and professionally get you playing the songs that YOU want to play – and give you the chops to keep going 🙂

YES - I want to learn how to play the saxophone !

My name is Matthew….

….and I want to help you learn how to play the sax.  Even if you’ve never played an instrument before, together we can get you honking your favourite song in no time.  I’ve been playing saxophone for 35 years.  I’m a husband, father, saxophone teacher and IT nerd.  I teach one-on-one saxophone students ranging in age from 10 to 70 something.  I have created and recorded these saxophone lessons so that you can play the songs that YOU want to play.  I can help you play any kind of music, with whomever you want, when ever you want.  My motto is:

Have Fun.  Play Sax.  Be Awesome.  Repeat.

Learn by Doing

Watch and Learn and Play along with the saxophone lessons in the members area.

It is a well known fact that having a guide and a mentor will accelerate your learning and bring your goals closer – and achieve them in record time.  By watching the saxophone lessons inside the members area, you too will be rock’n and roll’n in no time.  By slowing things down, we will speed up your saxophone journey.

Play the music YOU want to play !

Life is too short to play boring songs.

I want to encourage you to play the kind of music that you want to play.  Yes, we will need to get your fingers working properly on your saxophone – and the best way to do that is for me to teach you some scales. Sorry !  However, we will expand on this and jump in quickly to playing real music, real songs, useful songs, fun songs, awesome songs.  So NO to tedium !

Achieve your musical goals

Or help your son / daughter achieve theirs !

Maybe you want to pick up the saxophone again after not playing it since you were at High School.  Maybe you just want to learn how to be able to play a particular song or three.  Maybe you’ve tried once or twice with a dull and boring teacher and lost the will to live.  Maybe you ARE going to be a rock star when you grow up, but you weren’t allowed to at the time….go on… you know you want to….

” My goal is to help you play the music that YOU want to play !!! “

I think you’re onto a winner with these lessons, Matthew.

I just purchased your online sax course for beginners and I’d like to say from the outset that so far it’s been a fantastic way to learn the initial steps – speaking from someone who is 60 years old and bought a sax two days ago with absolutely no experience playing any instrument.

They’re well thought out, easy to follow and fun. They go into a lot more detail than I would have expected. Good luck with it !

Mark, Retired, future Rock Star.


Do you have any questions ?

Please feel free to ask !

Am I too old for this?

NO !  You are never too old to learn the saxophone.  The online saxophone lessons in the members area are designed for future saxophonists of all ages.  The song choices and teaching style is designed around beginner musicians ranging in age from 10 to 110.

If you can click a mouse, you can learn saxophone !

Am I too young for this?

As above, no, you or your child are not too young either.  The video saxophone lessons are G rated and family friendly.  The songs are deliberately chosen to not have rude words or too much innuendo.

If you or your child are above the age of 10 years old, you will be able to pick up and handle an Alto Saxophone.  10-12 year old students may need some guidance and would benefit with some parental input during these lessons…but only a little !

Do I need a saxophone?

YES – you will need access to a saxophone.  Alto Sax or Tenor Sax ?  Soprano sax or Baritone Sax ?

At this stage, all of the lessons inside the membership area (and the SHOP for individual lessons) are for Alto Saxophone.

Tenor saxophone lessons coming soon.

Perhaps you could rent a sax for a couple of months, perhaps you could borrow or even buy one – but you will need one to play along with the saxophone lessons in the members area.

When and Where?

When-ever and where-ever you like !

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week access.  All you need is an internet connection and your saxophone.

No scheduling issues, no travel time, learn how to play the saxophone when and where it suits YOU 🙂

What is the time commitment?

Like most things in life, you get out what you put in.  Inside the members area, there are plenty of beginner saxophone lessons to get you started – and plenty more on the way.  It is recommended that you play your saxophone if not every day, then certainly every other day.  5, 10, 15 minutes practice every day certainly beats 30, 60 90 minutes practice once a week.  The lessons themselves range in time from 5 to 30 minutes each.  Most private music teachers suggest one lesson per week.  Here, you could easily do 2 or 3 or more if you are inspired – it’s totally up to you !  Don’t forget to practice your saxophone !!!

What is the financial commitment?

There are three choices to make your decision easier.  Either a Once Off fee to access the first 23 lessons within the members area and all of the forums, OR a full access all areas Monthly fee, OR a full access all areas Yearly fee.

The Once Off fee choice is exactly that – a one time only charge, with no on going content.  The Monthly or Yearly choices are automatically renewed Monthly or Yearly, with on going access to all new content.  No commitment, cancel any time.  Please note that there are no refunds, due to the instant availability of all of the lessons, backing tracks and cheat sheets.

Is there a trial period?

No.  However there is the Free Membership option which gives you access to the first few lessons and forums.  If you like it, please consider upgrading via the Monthly or Yearly membership options 🙂

Do I need to read music ?

NO !!  All of our lessons are designed to help you PLAY BY EAR.  With simple Cheat Sheets to help you, you will be playing your favourite songs in no time.


Release your inner Rock Star

If you’ve always wanted to play the sax, here is the perfect way to learn how.  No pressure, no embarrassment, no playing in front of others (if you don’t want to), private, comfortable, at a time and place that suits you.

Premium Saxophone Lessons

Stop putting it off.  If you don’t do it now, will you ever ?  Get the help and guidance you or your child needs to achieve your musical goals.  No stress, no fuss, Have Fun, Play Sax, Be Awesome.  Repeat.

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