Awesome Saxophone Lessons Near Me

You’ve decided to learn how to play the saxophone.  Well done !  The next step will probably be a Google Search for ” saxophone lessons near me “.

In a perfect world, with unlimited time and unlimited funds, you want a saxophone teacher who is physically located really close to you.  No-one has time to travel for hours to their saxophone lessons….that gets very boring very quickly.

You have searched for saxophone lessons near me because presumably, like most of us, time and funds may be commodities that do have realistic boundaries.

So what do you want from your saxophone lessons ?  What else is happening inside your internal dialogue, apart from the requirement of ” saxophone lessons near me ” ?

Playing Saxophone is good for you

Are you looking for classical music saxophone lessons, or jazz saxophone lessons, or rock saxophone lessons, or soul saxophone lessons, or blues saxophone lessons, or funk saxophone lessons ?

Perhaps you are looking for beginners saxophone lessons, or online saxophone lessons ?

If several of the later ” saxophone lessons near me ” options above are a must have – especially the beginners / online / rock / soul / funk / blues saxophone lessons combination – then you’ve come to the right place.

Saxophone Lessons Near Me is a broad term, especially when it comes to the internet.  Websites such as YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare and several others offer HEAPS of options when learning how to play the saxophone.  The internet is only as far away from you as your phone, or tablet, or computer….and probably your couch or sofa.  You can poke around for hours and hours randomly on the internet and not scratch the surface.

There are also some wonderful options to be found on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest too….. if you search for long enough.

But why would you want to poke around for hours and hours to find saxophone lessons near you ?

And – how do you sort out the wheat from the chaff ?

Local and in person saxophone teachers can sometimes be a bit hit and miss.  Obviously there are many wonderful and experienced saxophone teachers out there who can help you get started with playing your saxophone.  However, they can be expensive.  They can have their set theories, boundaries, and only help you with the music that THEY want you to play.  And, how do you find them anyway ?

You want a saxophone teacher who can help you to play the music that YOU want to play.

You want a saxophone teacher who can inspire the fun and enjoyment and love of playing music: both by yourself and with others.

You want a saxophone teacher who can make it easy for you.  Yes, musical theory has it’s place in jazz and classical music….but it is a whole new language that takes just as long to learn as the saxophone itself.

Saxophone Lessons Near Me

Saxophone Lessons Near Me

You want a saxophone teacher who can provide you with visual and aural resources that make playing by ear easy.  That way you can play anywhere, any time, with anyone, WITHOUT needing to read music.

You want professional saxophone lessons near me that provide quick wins and simplicity, all in the one place.

Why spend time trawling the internet and your local area when you can get access to your favourite Rock, Soul, Funk and Blues saxophone lessons all in the one place ?

The internet brings ALL saxophone lessons near me, near you, and near everyone.

And here at , we have all the beginners saxophone lessons that will help you to Have Fun, Play Saxophone, Be Awesome and Repeat that you will ever need.


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  • with a forum community to ask questions and receive (and give) answers

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