Saxophone Lessons For Adults

The problem with searching for saxophone lessons for adults is that most saxophone lessons are for children or teenagers.

Most saxophone lessons books are aimed at kids – which is tedious and demotivating for adults.

Most local in-person saxophone teachers are busy working at Primary Schools or High Schools…and they have most likely forgotten that there are different requirements for teaching adults rather than school students.

Most online saxophone lessons are also aimed at students of school age.  They teach modern songs that tweens love and adults haven’t heard of.

As an adult looking to learn how to play the saxophone, it can be difficult to find the right teacher, or program or system.


Adults (usually) know what they want.

As an adult, we know what the song should sound like.  We know what music we like, what we don’t like, we can tell what is “good” and what is “bad”.

Adults who come to learning the saxophone – or any musical instrument – later in life usually have a specific reason for doing so.

They may have played a bit of saxophone back in High School, but put their saxophone down and have not touched it in 20 / 30 / 40 / 50+ years, and now have the time to pick up from where they left off.

Adults usually have a specific reason to want to play the saxophone now:

  • they never did play saxophone at school but always wanted to.
  • they have got the time, inclination and money to tick it off their bucket list.
  • they have a party, a gig, an event or function coming up and they want to join in.
  • they have friends who play other instruments (eg guitar or piano), possibly in bands, and they want to join in for the social aspect and fun that music can provide.
  • they want to play (and possibly set a good example) for their older kids who might be adults themselves, or grandchildren.  What 4 year old is not impressed when Grandma or Grandad busts out Happy Birthday on the saxophone to them ?
  • they have loved their favourite band for decades and have always wanted to play along with their vinyl or CD record collection.
  • they have always loved “that song” and now is the time to learn how to play it.

Saxophone lessons for adults need to be able to cater for all of these scenarios, and more.

Saxophone lessons for adults need to be able to take into consideration the possible fears, determination, frustrations, enjoyment and self fulfilling prophesy of having fun, playing saxophone, being awesome and repeating.


Saxophone lessons for adults should be fun and professional.

As adults, we know what is motivating, what gets us up and going and wanting to succeed and achieve.

While we do have the cognitive abilities to set and complete a goal such as learning how to play the saxophone, this is usually not enough.

Playing a musical instrument is fun.  As an adult beginner saxophonist, gaining a lifelong appreciation of the instrument and how it fits in with other instruments is important.

Otherwise, it is really easy to give up.

Playing YOUR favourite songs, by YOUR favourite bands, and having fun in the process, is the key to ongoing enjoyment.

For someone who likes Rock, Soul, Funk and Blues music, there is nothing more demotivating that being “forced” to learn classical music, or death metal, or complicated jazz musical theory.  And vice versa.

As adults, quite often we choose to continue the things we enjoy and move away from the things that we don’t.  This is especially true for “optional” things in life, like playing a musical instrument such as the saxophone.

3 Ways to Make Saxophone Practice Fun

If it’s fun, then it is very easy to keep up the momentum and motivation with playing your saxophone.


Learning How To Play The Saxophone should be easy.

Quite often, music teachers make things harder than they should be.  Many music teachers, including many saxophone teachers, like to show off their skill and superior knowledge…not in a nasty way, but in a subtly condescending way.  This can be enough to put an older beginner off completely.  Saxophone lessons for adults should not treat the adults like children.

Adults may or may not want to learn complicated musical theory.  Many adults just want to play their favourite songs !

Saxophone Lessons For Adults

Saxophone Lessons For Adults

A system that makes things easier, not harder, appeals to many adults.

Saxophone lessons for adults should cater for making things simple – playing by ear, with help from easy to understand Cheat Sheets, repetition, and a few Dad Jokes thrown in to show that it’s not all serious can go a long way to starting a life long love of the saxophone at any age.

Saxophone lessons for older beginners should also be professional.  They should allow the adult student to achieve quick wins, to hit musical milestones and to progress at a rate suitable to the student.

Can adults learn saxophone ?

Yes !!!  Yes they can !!!!!

Is 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80+ too old to learn saxophone ?

No !!  No it is not !!!

What are the best online saxophone lessons for adults ?

The kind that make learning saxophone fun, simple, enjoyable, and awesome.


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