3 Ways to Make Saxophone Practice Fun

So – you’ve decided to learn how to play the saxophone.  Well done !  This is the easy bit.  Next comes the realisation that saxophone practice needs to become a part of your regular routine.

Without deliberately making time for some regular saxophone practice, you may find yourself falling short of your initially enthusiastic saxophone goals.

You know, deep down, that if you don’t commit to actually playing your saxophone you are unlikely to be able to play the songs that you want to play.  You won’t be able to join in with your friends who play piano or guitar when they are having a jam.  You will lack the confidence to join the local community band, or church band, or to jump up on stage at the local pub during their open mic night, or to play a song with your friends in their rock band.

Like many New Year’s Resolutions, sometimes saxophone practice can slowly slip down the priorities list and eventually just fade away……

How, therefore, do we ensure that we do actually play our saxophones regularly ?

We need to make it fun.

To follow are three of the best ways to make saxophone practice fun !


Play the songs and music that YOU want to play.

This is my Rule Number One – and the main reason that the mantra here at HowToPlayTheSax.com is “Have Fun.  Play Saxophone.  Be Awesome.  Repeat.” deliberately in that order.

Life is too short for playing tedious songs…..especially for adult beginners who are just starting out.

Yes, right at the start of your saxophone journey you do need to play a few fundamental songs, like “Hot Cross Buns” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb”.  This is to get your fingers, your mouth (embouchure), ears and brain all working together.  Are these good songs that are likely to rock your world ?  No, probably not….

However, these simple initial songs do open the doors to a whole world of fun saxophone practice !

There is nothing worse from a motivation perspective than a Death Metal fan who is forced to play Classical music pieces, or vice versa.  A saxophonist who loves Rock or Soul music is unlikely to stick at it for very long if they are made to practice and memorise complicated jazz licks.

Irrespective of what kind or style or genre of music you prefer – please go out of your way to play songs from that kind or style or genre !

If you love Rock music, then make sure that your saxophone practice routine includes a significant proportion of Rock music.

Do you have a favourite song ?  Why not learn how to play it on your saxophone !!

Do you have a favourite artist or album ?  Please go out of your way to play songs from that artist or album !!!


Keep your saxophone practice sessions short.

There is only so much information and repetition that the human brain can handle.

Yes, you can force yourself to practice your saxophone for 10 hours a day…. but why would you ?  Studies have shown that after just under an hour, your brain starts to become less productive and your overall achievement becomes less efficient.

Shorter saxophone practice sessions and shorter saxophone lessons make sure that you hit the sweet spot between fun and efficiency.

Sure – if you want to play your sax for longer, go for it !!

But make sure that you have a break after 45 minutes or so.

Also, as a related aside, it is better to do 3 x 30 minute sax sessions a week than it is to do one 90 minute session once a week.  It is even better to do 5 x 20 minute sessions a week 🙂


Set a goal

Set yourself a simple goal for each saxophone practice session that you do.

Examples of possible fun goals could be:3 Ways to Make Saxophone Practice Fun

  • I want to play THIS SONG in today’s saxophone playing session.
  • I want to complete THIS LESSON today.
  • Roll a dice and play your favourite song the number of times shown on the dice.
  • Roll a dice and play one scale the number of times shown on the dice.  Repeat this for a different scale.
  • Write down each note that a saxophone can play on a separate post-it-note.  Shuffle these post-it-notes and then randomly place them out in front of you.  Play these notes in the random order.  For bonus points, play each scale in the random order suggested by your post-it-notes.
  • I want to begin to play THIS SONG for an upcoming event.  Eg, learn “Happy Birthday” for your husband/wife/child/grandchild, or “Jingle Bells” for the family Christmas gathering, or “Everybody Needs Somebody” by The Blues Brothers because your friend in a band has asked you to join in with them on stage at their next gig in two weeks’ time.


There are many ways to have fun, play saxophone, be awesome and repeat.

The above 3 ways to make saxophone practice fun are simple suggestions.  Use your imagination and add to this list for yourself.

If you incorporate these suggestions into your daily saxophone practice routine, you will very quickly find that you will look forward to playing your saxophone, your motivation will increase, you will improve so much faster and who knows….you may grow up to be the rock star that you have always wanted to be !


Matthew 🎷


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