How To Play The Pink Panther Theme On The Saxophone

If you aspire to be an awesome saxophonist (and who doesn’t ?), you MUST seek out a Pink Panther saxophone lesson or a Pink Panther saxophone tutorial.

Arguably the most famous saxophone song ever, the Pink Panther theme is a song that you need to learn how to play.

So, what are the Pink Panther saxophone notes, I hear you cry ?

Well – you’ve come to the right place !


Pink Panther Saxophone Lesson – Pink Panther Saxophone Tutorial

The Pink Panther theme from the 1960’s TV Cartoon is a great “Big Band” smooth swing / jazz song full of trumpets, saxophones, double basses and drums…. so, with that setting of the scene in mind, let’s get into it 🙂


The Pink Panther Theme is an iconic saxophone song.  As a saxophonist, at some point someone will ask you to play it !

The Pink Panther song is a little on the tricky side.  It will give your Pinky fingers a bit of a workout.  I recommend that you take it and play it slowly…at first.

Remember that there is not such thing as a wrong note !

Pink Panther Saxophone.
Pink Panther Alto Saxophone.
How To Play Pink Panther On The Saxophone.
How To Play Pink Panther On Saxophone.
How To Play Pink Panther On The Alto Saxophone.
How To Play Pink Panther On Alto Saxophone.
Pink Panther Saxophone Lesson.
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Pink Panther Saxophone Tutorial.
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How To Play The Saxophone.
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We’ve left a little bit out of this Pink Panther saxophone lesson here in this blog post.  However, if you’re looking for the full lesson (and the Cheat Sheets), please become a member and I’ll see you inside the Members Area for this full lesson and many, many, many others !

This video saxophone lesson for the Pink Panther Theme is an edited and condensed version.

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In the full Pink Panther Saxophone Lesson – as with all full saxophone lessons for all songs that we are learning inside the Members Area – we break the song components down into bite sized pieces.  We slow it down, we dissect it, we build on the individual components until we are confident and comfortable enough to give it all a red hot go.

We are all about quick wins, tips, hints and suggestions here at How To Play The Sax, as well as helping you take your saxophone playing to the next level !!   Learning how to play Pink Panther on the Alto saxophone is certainly a great way to add more awesome songs to your repertoire.

Pink Panther Saxophone Tutorial

Pink Panther Saxophone Lesson

And we have some fun along the way…….

( By the way, if you’re interested, here are 3 Ways To Make Saxophone Practice Fun ! )

Even if you have never played the saxophone before, we can get you started with learning how to play the saxophone and have you rocking and rolling in no time.

The Cheat Sheets inside the Members Area (and the Members Forums) make learning how to play the saxophone easier too 🙂

The full version of this Pink Panther saxophone tutorial inside the Members Area runs for 20 minutes and 37 seconds.

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I will see you in another lesson, at another time, either here at the How To Play The Sax Blog or inside the Members Area.



Matthew 🎷


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