2021 Saxophone Year In Review

2021 was a big and busy year here at HowToPlayTheSax.com .  I thought that I’d write a bit of a Saxophone Year In Review, because we did sooooo much !

At the risk of phrasing things inappropriately, obviously covid continues to be a significant blight on the entire worlds population…..so anything that I and my humble saxophone lessons website can say at this point is pretty much irrelevant.  Please forgive me.

However, I am pleased and proud with our growth, our stats, our successes.

I am even more pleased with those of our students from all over the world.


Online Saxophone Lessons

We have published 70 saxophone lessons for our AWESOME Members inside the Members Area at HowToPlayTheSax.com during 2021.  That is more than one a week.

We added more Tenor Saxophone Lessons – 27 in fact.  And we’ve got HEAPS more Tenor saxophone lessons coming in 2022 🙂

We cracked a significant milestone with publishing our Alto Saxophone Lesson number 200…..and there is no stopping us in 2022 with HEAPS more Alto saxophone lessons planned as well !

We have published 39 blog posts in 2021.  Not quite one a week, but hey….

Plus we have updated and edited various public facing and private Members Only pages of this website, as well as improving the Members Onboarding and overall users experience.

Also, from a technical point of view, we moved our website to some serious spec hosting.  This has had a significant impact on the overall website speed – again making things easier and faster for our Members and website visitors from all over the world.



The HowToPlayTheSax YouTube Channel continues to grow from strength to strength.

We surpassed 500,000 views – half a million people have watched our videos !  Wow !!

We published 38 videos all about saxophone lessons, saxophone hints, tips, tricks and encouragement that students of all ages from all over the world watched – over 400,000 hours worth.

We are gaining more and more subscribers – if you are not one of these AWESOME subscribers yet, then please don’t forget to click the subscribe button and the like button on a few of our huge collection of saxophone videos 🙂

We also had some fantastic comments (almost 300) and more than 2.5k video likes from our saxophone students.



The HowToPlayTheSax Podcast also continues to grow.

Our podcast is available where-ever good podcasts are found – Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, Stitcher, etc, etc.

We published 52 saxophone podcast episodes – one a week, each and every week, for the whole year.

This equates to over 670 minutes of content.

We had over 4200 downloads.  I find this amazing….more than 4000 people had me in their ears over the course of the year.  I am humbled and honoured….and keen to grow this even further 🙂

Again, please don’t forget to click the subscribe button inside your podcast listening app of choice !!


Social Media

Our Facebook page, plus Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter all continue to grow, which is nice.  Vanity metrics – perhaps, yes.  But it’s nice all the same 🙂

I will confess to not having “cracked the code” for massive viral social sharing.  However it is a good way to become distracted occasionally.  Especially when it comes to saxophones.


Plans for 2022

HEAPS more of the above !!

Members are my first and foremost priority.  Anything that I can do to help them surpasses everything else.2021 Saxophone Year In Review

We’ve got tonnes of new lessons planned and in the pipelines – coming soon !  We will continue to release at least one new saxophone lesson for our Members each and every week.

Tenor saxophone lessons may get a slightly higher priority this year, but we’ll see….making Tenor Sax Lessons versions of the existing Alto saxophone lessons will be a good compliment to each other.

Courses are coming too 🙂

Our content release schedule of Tuesdays – Blog Post, Thursdays – podcast, weekend – YouTube video will continue….although I will apologise now if I miss the odd one here and there.

Hopefully we will be able to include some Member Interviews as well as pursue more guest appearances on other podcasts and webinars too.

Plus a whole lot more !

Looking back at our 2021 Saxophone Year In Review, we’ve actually done a lot.  And we will keep going with no plans to stop !!

Do you want to see something specific here at HowToPlayTheSax.com ?  A particular song lesson perhaps, or maybe you have a burning saxophone question that you would like answered ?  Please let me know in the comments below 🙂

Thank you to all of our AWESOME Members throughout this past year in 2021.  Thank you to all of our 100’s of thousands of website visitors too !

We are looking forward to helping you even more on your saxophone journey in 2022 and beyond.


Matthew 🎷

Thank you so much for joining me here today at HowToPlayTheSax.com .

I will see you in another lesson, at another time, either here at the How To Play The Sax Blog or inside the Members Area.


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