$7 For A Month Of Saxophone Lessons

“On the 17th day of December, Matthew sent to me…..one month of saxophone lessons for the bargain basement price of only $7….”

OK, so it doesn’t really fit with the 12 Days of Christmas, Partridge in a Pear Tree song.

Nor does it rhyme.


BUT – for those of you who are struggling to find saxophone lessons :


Where you get to learn cool songs, good songs, great songs….

Where you get to learn the songs that YOU want to play….

Where you can have some fun, as well as play your saxophone, combined with instantly being awesome and then repeating the whole process….

Where there is no pressure to “get it right” each and every time by a grumpy old music teacher who has stone age ideas and will only teach you when/where/what suits THEM…..

That allow you to play whenever and where-ever it suits YOU……

That let you rerun and return to and repeat any particular saxophone lesson that either tickles your fancy or that you wish to practice…..

Where there is ZERO travelling time to your saxophone lessons…..

Where the saxophone teachers enthusiasm for both his and your saxophone playing is sometimes overtaken by a few too many bad Dad jokes……


Then you need to become a Member at HowToPlayTheSax.com !


I want to remove ALL barriers of entry for you (or your school aged child) to learn how to play the saxophone.

I want to make it my mission to help you (or your child) to have fun, play saxophone, be awesome, repeat.

I want to inspire you, to help you, to encourage you to play music in a safe and fun way.

I want to provide the opportunity for you (or your child) to learn how to play an amazing musical instrument.


So, in order to do this, I have created what I feel (and what others tell me) is an amazing resource that teaches the basics to people who are just starting out on their saxophone journey.  Then we move on from the basics and play great songs !


We start with putting your sax together, we talk about reeds, neckstraps, how to hold your sax, how to get a noise out of it, how to nurture the initial strangled duck sound into something that resembles awesomeness.

Then we move on to some simple songs – oldies but goodies – to get our ears and fingers and mouth all co-coordinating together.

Then we move on to some more simple songs – good ones, real ones, rock ‘n roll, soul, funk, classic hits, blues, pop and maybe just a tiny a hint of jazz.

We learn the rules….. then we break them !!

We do NOT cover any complicated chord structures.

We do NOT cover any difficult musical theory.

We do NOT cover any little black dots on lined pieces of paper.

We do NOT need to learn how to read music.

We engage your ears, which in turn control your brain and your fingers.

We just get on with playing our saxophones !!!

Christmas is coming VERY soon, and I know for a fact that Santa is likely to bring saxophones to some very lucky people and school music departments around the world.

The New Year is coming VERY soon, and this is a great time for resolutions that include ticking off bucket list items that people might have always wanted to do – like having saxophone lessons.


So, with all of this in mind, I am offering ONE MONTH OF SAXOPHONE LESSONS FOR ONLY $7.


As a Member, you get immediate access to ALL of the video saxophone lessons that are available within this website and the Members Area.  There are over 50 of these at the time of writing – with more being added every week to an ever increasing library and learning saxophone resource.

HowToPlayTheSax.com Members Home Page

As a Member, you get immediate access to all of the PDF Cheat Sheets that accompany all of the song lessons.  These provide a simple reference point for the notes in the various songs inside the Members Area.  You can download these Cheat Sheets, print them out if you wish, or just keep them somewhere handy for when you might need them.

As a Member, there are a few backing tracks that you can download and play along with.

We also provide links to all of the songs we are learning on YouTube.  This makes it easier for you to play along after your saxophone lesson and to practice what we have learnt.

Most one-on-one saxophone lessons with a face-to-face saxophone teacher run at upwards of $60 per hour.  On a weekly basis, this can start to add up….


As a Member here at HowToPlayTheSax.com your first MONTH of access-all-areas saxophone lessons will cost you only $7

That is approximately $1.75 per week.  What else can you get for $1.75 a week ??!??


Should you wish to continue, the ongoing monthly full access is still only $25.  And, you can cancel at any time if you wish.  Obviously I would prefer that you don’t, but this is entirely up to you !  There is a yearly option as well.

Ask questions in the Members Only Forums – about the individual lessons, about saxophones in general, about music and musical styles, about bands and musicians, or even about the weather.  I’m always up for a chat 🙂

Want to learn a particular song ?  Let me know inside the Members Only Forums too 🙂

I will go out of my way to help you learn how to play the saxophone.

$7 For A Month Of Saxophone Lessons

I want to help you succeed.

I have made it my mission to help ten thousand saxophone students of all ages across the world learn the joy and experience the fun of learning how to play the saxophone.

Are you going to take the next step ?


Become a Member today, for only $7 for your first month.




P.S.  If you would like simple step by step instructions to help you learn how to play the saxophone, all neatly organised in the one convenient location that you can access when ever you would like, all provided by an experienced saxophone teacher who can help you to play the music that YOU want to play quickly and easily, then check out our saxophone lessons membership options.  Get started on your saxophone journey today !

P.P.S.  I’m not sure how long this $7 First Month access price will last.  Take advantage of it before it goes away.


Remember – I can help you learn How To Play The Sax 🙂


YES – I want to Have Fun, Play Sax, Be Awesome and Repeat !


Saxophone Lessons at HowToPlayTheSax.com


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