Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show

Over the last little while, I have been fortunate enough to be rehearsing and playing with the Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show.

We started about 18 months ago, but we had a “minor” setback – the global Covid-19 pandemic.  Multiple lockdowns here in Melbourne throughout 2020 made it difficult to rehearse….plus it made gigs and performances impossible.

Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show

Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show

Fast forward to now (June 2021) and we have put the finishing touches on our show and have begun to get out there and perform in front of audiences.

In Melbourne, and also for much of Australia, the Covid-19 restrictions have been slowly easing over the last few months.  Life had almost returned to pre-covid-normal.  This has allowed for some performance opportunities that have been great for musicians and audiences alike.

The Ladies and Gentlemen in the Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show band are incredible musicians.  Hanging out and playing with Everton on guitar, Gareth on bass and Joe on drums in particular has been a musical delight for me personally.  Michele as Tina, plus Maddie and Veronica have added their talents to the band and overall show as well.  Together we make a very good sound indeed, even if I do say so myself.  Everyone is so nice and friendly: it’s as if we have known and played with each other for years and years.


We had a HUGE gig last weekend.

We had a HUGE gig last weekend at a fantastic venue called Musicland, and the crowd went wild.  Great fun !!  I have played there several times with another band, RockSoul, that also features myself on sax and backing vocals, plus Joe on drums.  We (both of my bands) have got future gigs booked at Musicland over the next few months, subject to Covid-19 restrictions.

My overall motto here at is – Have Fun.  Play Saxophone.  Be Awesome. Repeat.

And with the Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show band, I get to do just that !

Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show

Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show

We filmed the show last weekend, so with some video editing effort over the coming weeks we should hopefully get some good footage from it.

We’ve got a few more gigs in the pipeline.  With a bit of luck, we should continue to have fun, play music, be awesome and repeat as often as possible.

The whole “tribute band” concept is an interesting one.  For those who have been following along, I played with a Rolling Stones tribute band in Sydney a couple of years ago, which also was great fun.  It seems that audiences love the nostalgia of the songs/artist that the tribute band plays.  There are some fantastic tribute bands that play in Melbourne, Sydney and around Australia.  I presume that there are in other countries too.  And now with our Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show band and our show called Better Be Good To Me, we can add to the mix.


Obviously the GREAT songs by Tina Turner help.

But with our spin on these iconic songs, plus the live element of our show that includes lights, smoke machines, video backdrops, not to mention the live band, we are well on our way to rocking the bigger venues of Melbourne and beyond.

Fingers crossed that life can get back to almost normal, as far as global pandemics and associated restrictions are concerned.  Here in Melbourne and our state of Victoria, we have been hit with another lockdown as I type this blog post.  This has cancelled all performances and caused significant disruption to the entire state.  Still, the health and safety of our state and our country is far more important than any public performance or sporting event is concerned.

My gig next week is unlikely to occur, given that the lockdown restrictions allegedly will ease the night before……which for admittedly selfish reasons is a shame.  I fully recognise that people are sick and dying all over the world, not to mention zero work and income for many, many people during enforced lockdowns, so my gig with a band at a pub is therefore infinitesimally trivial and insignificant.

Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show

Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show

However, the Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show band is ready.  We now have a few runs on the board and we are champing at the bit to get out there and play to more people and more venues.

If you happen to be in Melbourne and come to an Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show gig, please find me and say hi.  I’ll be the one with the saxophone and the smile 🙂


Matthew 🎷


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Australian Tina Turner Tribute Show

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