Don’t Worry Be Happy Saxophone Cover

Here’s a little song that I didn’t write, but you might want to play it note for note anyway: Don’t Worry Be Happy saxophone cover.

I was inspired by a recent few days away.  I took my saxophone down to the river and had a little play.  It was a stinking hot day, but the birds, the river, the sunshine and the fresh air lent itself to the title of this well known song….so I had to play, record, and film it.


It turns out that I have the whitest legs of any saxophonist in the known world….and I dance like someone’s Dad…. but hey, I was having fun, playing saxophone, being awesome and repeating.

Having fun is arguably THE most important part of learning how to play the saxophone.

Playing your favourite songs is a great way to improve, and strive towards continuously improving your saxophone skills.

Don't Worry Be Happy Saxophone Cover

Don’t Worry Be Happy Saxophone Cover

Regular playing, consistent playing and having fun while doing so is going to make you a better saxophonist – no matter what “level” you are at right now.

So – please take your saxophone to somewhere nice (like the river, or the beach, or a lake, or a forest) and just play.

And – don’t forget to take note of the concept here:  Don’t Worry Be Happy saxophone cover.

Have Fun. Play Saxophone. Be Awesome. Repeat !




P.S.  Don’t forget to Have Fun, Play Saxophone, Be Awesome and Repeat !!!


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