Edinburgh and Belfast….and my saxophone again.

It is with great excitement that I announce my THIRD trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival…..well, sort of.

Let me explain.

For those of you who have been following along at home, I have been lucky enough to have spent the month performing in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, in August 2018 and again in August 2019.

You can read about my other Ed Fringe performance experiences here – Off To The Fringe , From Edinburgh With Love , Edinburgh Again , and Fun At The Fringe.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an amazing experience for those of us who enjoy the performing arts – for both performers and audience members.  What feels like a gazillion people from all over the world descend on the Scottish capital for a month of performances of all shapes, sizes and kinds – music, drama, theatre, dance, comedy, circus, improv and more.

Covid-19 put a huge dampener on the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2020 when it was cancelled for the first time in 75 years.  Global pandemics unfortunately tend to do that to large gatherings of people in small places.

This year, the world is still in various stages of lockdown.  Here in Australia, for example, it is still almost impossible to get in or out of the country as I write this in early August 2021.

Which brings me to the theatre company that I am involved with here in Melbourne – nuworks Theatre – and our third adventure to this wonderful, incredible, amazing festival.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is going ahead this year, albeit in a very slimmed down manner.  They have got some understandable restrictions…and they have taken the opportunity to add to their performance offerings.


Ed Fringe Online

This year, Ed Fringe is offering multiple (hundreds !) of in person performances.

But they are also offering online events, including Watch On Demand shows.

And that, dear reader, is how nuworks Theatre and I are once again involved.  We are not physically there this year.  But we are digitally !!!!

Belfast nuworks Theatre

Belfast nuworks Theatre

We have been busy filming our new show – called “Belfast”.  Here in Melbourne over the last couple of months we have been in and out of lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings, so filming has been difficult.  However, we’ve done it !  Our Belfast show is now live on the Ed Fringe Online website for your viewing pleasure.

I am a member of the ensemble…blink and you will miss me.  But I do get to honk my saxophone in a couple of the songs and share a stage once again with a group of incredibly skilled actors and wonderful people.

You may recognise some familiar faces from previous nuworks Theatre / Edinburgh Fringe Festival / Adelaide Fringe Festival shows we have done – That Bastard Brecht, Electra, Freak Show and FAWK.




We actually have two of our shows on the Ed Fringe Online watch on demand portal – “Belfast” and “Suffragettes”.

Suffragettes nuworks Theatre

Suffragettes nuworks Theatre

Obviously I am biased, but both of these shows are very powerful, musically amazing, visually stunning and contain incredible acting.

Those who have read about my first trip to Edinburgh in 2018 might recall that my daughter was also a part of the cast.  Sharing a huge adventure together with her from Melbourne to Edinburgh is one of the highlights of my life.  This year she also makes an appearance in the nuworks Theatre Suffragettes show.  We are both involved together again 🙂




Lockdowns and global pandemics continue to affect millions of people all over the world.  So, with that perspective, obviously not being able to physically travel to Edinburgh is not a big deal.

However, I, my daughter and our happy little group of thespians at nuworks Theatre here in Melbourne, Australia, have been very lucky.

Tickets to our Ed Fringe Online shows are very affordable.  If restrictions allow, get a couple of friends or family together in the same room to watch and the price is even lower !  For a few quid you too can travel to Edinburgh and Belfast.

I cannot speak for other video submissions, but ours are both fantastic quality, great filming, great sound and extremely well edited live performances.  Not quite the same as being there in the audience, but very close to it !!

Click the image below to find out more.


Belfast Suffragettes nuworks Theatre

Belfast Suffragettes nuworks Theatre – Watch On Demand.


We got great reviews for our other shows, plus won some wonderful awards.  Hopefully these two shows will get similar 5 star reviews too 🙂Edinburgh and Belfast

It does not matter where you are in the world.  Visit the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from the comfort of your own lounge room !  If you are into “live” musical theatre and epic theatre, then you will love both of our shows.

And keep your eyes and ears open for my saxophone in Belfast….online in Edinburgh…..as performed live in Melbourne !


Matthew 🎷⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🎭


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