Feeding The Birds In Jamieson

I am very lucky for many reasons.  I get to play my saxophone pretty much when ever I like, for starters !

My wife, daughters and I are also lucky enough to have a holiday house in a little town called Jamieson, near Mt Buller, about 3 hours drive north east of Melbourne, Australia.

We go there every now and then to relax and breathe in the fresh air.  It used to be my father-in-laws house house, but unfortunately Grandad is no longer with us, so now we enjoy it for him, as well as for ourselves.  We love Jamieson !

Feeding the birds has been a favourite family pass time since before my girls were born.  Sitting on the back balcony often brings to mind thoughts of Alfred Hitchcock – except our birds are friendly.

The King Parrots, the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, the Galahs, the Corellas, the Currawongs, the Rosellas, the Kookaburras and many other birds all appear to enjoy eating off the back balcony.

The video footage for this song was filmed with an iPad in one hand and some bird seed in the other.

The song itself (and its very creative title) was inspired by the location, the birds and the sense of calm while gazing across the valley.

The song was also recorded on the iPad just using Garage Band.  It sort of just popped into my head so I had to record it before I forgot it.  The chords, the piano sounds, etc, were all done on the iPad outside on the back balcony of the house immediately after running out of birdseed.

Feeding The Birds In Jamieson

The reverb on my soprano saxophone is mostly due to the fact that I recorded it in the bathroom full of mirrors and tiles.  There were no fancy microphones – just directly in using the default built-in iPad mic.

So, if you need to relax, I strongly recommend finding some friendly and hungry birds.  And play the saxophone.



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