Free Saxophone Lessons vs Paid Saxophone Lessons

Like with all things in life, you get what you pay for.  This well known phrase equally applies to free saxophone lessons vs paid saxophone lessons.

The Internet is an amazing resource for pretty much everything in this modern, fast paced world that we all live in.

Got a question ?  Ask Google.

Want to find out about something ?  Ask Google.

Want to see how to do something ?  Ask YouTube.

Want to learn how to do something ?  15 minutes on either Google or YouTube will get you started and open up a zillion possible options / courses / lessons / tutorials for you.


The problem, however, is that anyone can put anything on the internet.  Anything at all.


I recall my daughters Grade 4 classroom teacher from several years ago.  She got her students (my daughter included) to put some deliberately false  “information” onto the internet.

My daughter chose to update a Wikipedia article about Tigers.  She edited the “Tigers” entry to say that Tigers only drink lemonade…and if they couldn’t find any lemonade in the wild, then a thirsty tiger would most likely steal some money from a nearby human and buy a can lemonade at the nearest 7-11 store.

The Grade 4 teacher asked her students to monitor how long it took before someone either edited the students entries or commented on the validity of these entries.

This entry about tigers drinking lemonade that my daughter made was on Wikipedia for 4 months. 

The point here is, that just because something is on the internet does not make it true, or correct.


The “Free Way” vs the “Headache Free Way”.

Of the zillions of web pages on the internet dedicated to a topic that you are interested in – such as saxophone lessons – some of them are false and just plain wrong….but some of them actually are good, correct and worthy of pursuing further.

But which ones ?

And, how do you sort, or even tell, the good from the bad ?

It largely comes down to trial and error.  You can be lucky, but chances are low…. so you spend more time searching and less time actually playing your saxophone.  This then involves lots of gnashing of teeth, muttering of obscenities and ultimately a headache which then becomes a killer of enthusiasm.

If you have plenty of time, are not fussed about actually achieving your goals and know that you are going to give up quickly, then pursuing free saxophone lessons is going to be the cheapest option.  Yes, there are useful, helpful and free saxophone lessons…..but where are they ?

( Hint: there are many free saxophone lessons here on the How To Play The Sax Blog !!)


Time Is Money

Walking is free.  A bike is cheap and quicker.  A car costs more but is much more convenient.  A plane costs heaps more but opens up a whole new world.

Sometimes walking is all you need.  Other times we would love to get on a plane, but all we can afford is a bike.

Free takes time.  Paid saves time.

Free saxophone lessons saves money.  But you will spend a large amount of time finding the good ones.  Or, they will give you the general idea to get you started, but then what happens if you want specifics ?

Paid saxophone lessons obviously, by definition, cost money.  However, they will get you from being a brand new beginner to being able to play the songs that you want to play much sooner.  Paid saxophone lessons are curated and all located in the one place, thus saving you significant amounts of time.  Paid saxophone lessons are good saxophone lessons 99% of the time.

Similarly, an in-person-real-life saxophone teacher will point you in the right direction straight away.  The good ones will help you play they music that you want to play, correct and guide you where required, answer your questions, motivate you and offer tips and suggestions as well as provide stretch goals and targets.  A good saxophone teacher will schedule regular lessons and hold you accountable.

The downside with a “real life” one-on-one saxophone teacher is like the plane analogy above.  We’d all love our own private leer jet at our beck and call, but this can put a big strain on your wallet and/or purse.  Also, keep in mind the travel time between you and your saxophone teacher !


So, it ultimately comes down to what you want to achieve and how soon you want to achieve it.

Yes, you can learn how to play the saxophone just with free saxophone lessons on the internet.  But it will take many, many years of inefficient effort.  It will potentially set you up with bad habits that will be difficult to break.  Ultimately, you may never reach all of your goals.

If you want to learn how to play the saxophone quickly, easily, regularly, and efficiently then paid saxophone lessons are the better way to go.

Having a saxophone teacher to take you by the hand, guide you in the right direction, offer you encouragement, teach you with their enthusiasm and nurture yours, as well as provide you with the skills and chops to make it all fun and enjoyable is MONEY WELL SPENT.

Paid saxophone lessons are efficient, fun and effective.  They are quick and easy.  They are – or they should be – open to your guidance and help you to achieve what YOU want to achieve.

There can be a little trial and error with paid saxophone lessons.  You ideally want to find someone who you “gel with”, someone who you like

Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone Lessons Free vs Paid

and get along with, a saxophone teacher who teaches in a way that resonates with you and your learning style.

So, my recommendation is :  try a few saxophone teachers and stick with the one(s) you like !

Life is too short to waste time messing around with inefficiencies.  Free saxophone lessons can be really good.  But they also can be really rare….separating the wheat from the chaff and finding the good ones takes far too much time and effort.

Paid saxophone lessons are, quite simply, better saxophone lessons.

Don’t forget to Have Fun, Play Saxophone, Be Awesome and Repeat 🙂




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