Help John Farnham Cover

Here in Australia, John Farnham is a musical living legend.  His career has spanned decades.  One of his HUGE hits was his version of the great Beatles song Help.

At the risk of a shameless plug, recently I had a great gig with one the bands I play with here in Melbourne – Songs Of Farnham.

For those of you who don’t know, John Farnham is an Australian icon. He was HUGE in Australia in the 1980’s, 90’s and still draws big crowds.

I play in a John Farnham tribute band – NOT the real one !!  But it’s still fun and the punters seem to like it too.

I get to warble into a microphone and honk on my saxophone with the amazing musicians in this fun and talented band.

John Farnham did his own version of the Beatles song – Help – which has become a staple on the radio and in his live shows.  So, here is our Songs Of Farnham cover of John Farnhams’ cover of the Beatles version of Help….our Help John Farnham cover.


Help John Farnham Cover

A big emphasis here at is on having fun, playing saxophone, being awesome and repeating – in that order.


Have Fun.  Play Saxophone.  Be Awesome.  Repeat.

Playing great music that YOU want to play is important when it comes to learning how to play saxophone.  Having fun is the ultimate and overarching goal.

This Help John Farnham cover is but one example.  What is your favourite song ?  What songs, bands, genres, musical style do you like playing on your saxophone ?

If you are not having fun with your saxophone, then play one or two (and more) of your favourite songs !  It really is that simple.

If you are enjoying the songs and the music that you are playing on your saxophone, then being awesome automatically comes along for the ride.

As does repeating.Help John Farnham Cover

If you enjoy playing your saxophone, you will do it again.  If you do it again, you will get better at it.

The awesomeness factor is a given – by the very definition, if you play saxophone you ARE awesome.  Full stop !!

And thus the cycle becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.  If you have fun, you will be motivated to play your saxophone,  If you play your saxophone, you will be / are awesome.  If you are having fun, playing saxophone and being awesome, you will repeat.

I am fortunate to play with a few bands here in Melbourne, plus a wonderful theatre company as well.  I get to play my saxophone with incredible musicians, actors and performers.

I seek out musical styles and genres that I personally enjoy.  I go out of my way to have fun with my saxophone.

Some of this is social (which has obviously been difficult during COVID lockdowns and restrictions all over the world), but a major part of it for me is musical enjoyment.

I would encourage you to have fun, play saxophone, be awesome and repeat too !!

And if you can play your saxophone with other people – such as with my Help John Farnham cover example above – then you will be on your way to a lifetime of musical enjoyment.


Matthew 🎷


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