Hercules DS533BB Saxophone Stand Review

The Hercules DS533BB saxophone stand is a nice piece of saxophone kit.  I like mine and use it regularly, so I thought that I would post a Hercules DS533BB Saxophone Stand Review.

A saxophone stand is an important little apparatus.

A saxophone is a delicate and expensive musical instrument that needs to be handled with care.

If you go out of your way to put your sax on a sax stand when you are not playing it, then it will be (mostly) out of harms way.

And, if you have more than one saxophone, then having a stand that can deal with this is even better.



Strong, Sturdy and Adjustable


The Hercules DS533BB saxophone stand is strong and sturdy.  As a result, it is a very safe place to put your saxophone(s).Hercules DS533BB Saxophone Stand Review

Made of metal, the Hercules DS533BB legs and upper part fold up and down and lock into place.

It has an adjustable middle part that allows you to fit EITHER your Alto saxophone OR your Tenor saxophone onto it, so that everything fits nicely.


The Hercules DS533BB saxophone stand also comes with a straight Soprano sax attachment that simply screws in to either/or of the main stand legs. 

This component is also adjustable to allow for the subtle differences in size and shape between the different makes and models of soprano saxophone.

You can add the soprano saxophone attachment if you wish – but because it is a separate component you do not have to.  I don’t play my Soprano sax every time I play my Alto or my Tenor…..so sometimes I don’t bother with attaching the Soprano saxophone attachment.  But it’s there if I need it.

The yellow triangle base is a signature design of the Hercules brand.  This also works well because the yellow part makes it easier to see your sax stand when the stage lights are out or in very low light.  Don’t guess where your sax stand is, because that will end in very expensive tears !

Hercules DS533BB Saxophone Stand Review

Take Care Of Your Saxophone and Your Saxophone Stand


You do need to take a bit of care when putting your sax down onto any sax stand.  If you get the balance wrong, your sax can topple over.  Also, make sure that the “Y” top part of this stand is locked into place correctly.

However, as long as you are careful with both your stand and your saxophone, then mixing gravity with your pride and joy is a rare occurrence with the Hercules DS533BB.

Hercules make a whole range of musical instrument stands, not just for saxophone(s).  I know many guitarists who use Hercules guitar stands.

There are cheaper brands and cheaper saxophone stands out there.  But, like all things, you get what you pay for.  That does NOT mean that the Hercules DSS533BB is expensive.  It just means that the strong metal construction and stable design is better than many cheaper options.

I also have a Hercules DS730B Saxophone Stand that I use mainly for my Tenor sax.  It features in almost all of my saxophone lessons videos !

I wrote a Hercules DS730B Saxophone Stand Review because I like this stand too, for some similar but also for some different reasons as well.

However, if I know that I will be using just one of either my Tenor or my Alto sax, then I grab my DS533BB.  And, if I know that I am going to play my Soprano sax, then this makes my Hercules DS533BB a no-brainer.

Hercules DS533BB Saxophone Stand Review

Hercules DS533BB Saxophone Stand Review

When you are not playing your saxophone, you should clean it, pack it up and put it away in its case.

However, if you need to put your saxophone down for a short period of time – such as in between songs during a gig or a practice session, or if you need to go and grab a drink – then a saxophone stand is a great option.

I have had my Hercules DS533BB Saxophone Stand for many years and I take it with me when ever I am playing my saxophone(s).

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I hope this Hercules DS533BB Saxophone Stand Review helps you !



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