How To Play Good Lovin On The Saxophone

How To Play Good Lovin’ On The Alto Saxophone.

Good Lovin’ by The Young Rascals is a wonderful song that has stood the test of time.

And in the film clip they are wearing VERY strange clothes that I’m sure they are very embarrassed about now….. 🙂

It is perfectly suited to playing along with on the saxophone – especially for us here with our beginner saxophone lessons.

Good Lovin’ has some great backing vocals as well as an organ solo that all lend themselves to having fun with on our saxophones !

The video above is an edited version of the TWO lessons inside the Members Area here at for this one song.

The first lesson is all about the backing vocals in both the verses and the chorus’s.

The second lesson concentrates on the organ solo in the middle and then puts it all together for the whole song.

Like all of the saxophone lessons for our Members, I break the song down into smaller pieces and then slow it all down.  We work through each component and get it right before moving on to the next section.  And the Cheat Sheet makes it easier too !

How To Play Good Lovin On The Saxophone

How To Play Good Lovin On The Saxophone

I will admit that this song does push the boundaries of the concept of “beginner saxophone lessons”.  It is a little fast from a tempo perspective and the organ solo in particular is likely to be a challenge for some people, only due to the speed of the song.

However !!!!  You guys and gals are well and truly up for it !!

The trick here is to relax, chill and don’t tense your body.  If you relax, it will be easier.

Please don’t forget to Have Fun, Play Saxophone, Be Awesome and Repeat 🙂



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