How To Play Hot Cross Buns On The Saxophone.

“Hot Cross Buns” is a fantastic place to start learning how to play the saxophone.  Every saxophonist in the world needs to learn how to play Hot Cross Buns on the saxophone.

Indeed every musician in the world should learn how to play Hot Cross buns !

While you will probably NOT become a Rock Star with this simple song, it will get your fingers working and moving nicely.


This version of Hot Cross Buns is played with the right hand.


That means the fingers on your left hand do not move.  You will need to hold down all three main fingers on your left hand throughout the whole song.

The notes using your right hand are very simple – F#, E and D.

It is a good idea to play it slowly at first.  Get the song in your head, get your fingers and their muscle memory working correctly.

Once you have mastered and know how to play hot cross buns on the saxophone, it might be worth trying to speed things up just a little.

I am not suggesting that you make it your goal to play this song a Warp Factor 93, or faster than the speed of sound.

How To Play Hot Cross Buns On The Saxophone

I am merely saying that if you can play it just a little faster than in the video, you will be rocking and rolling in no time.

For what it’s worth, the left hand version, plus a backing track and a pdf download are all available inside our members area 😉



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