How To Play It’s A Long Way to the Top On The Alto Saxophone

How to play It’s A Long Way to the Top on the Saxophone


It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n Roll) by AC/DC is a CLASSIC rock song.

It’s got rather infectious guitar parts plus some awesome bagpipes – and it’s just ripe for playing along with on our saxophones.  Let’s rock !



This song is actually surprisingly easy to play on the saxophone.

There are some anticipation notes – off beats – where you need to come in and play “early”, rather than all on the beat with the drums.  The main intro guitar part is mostly G’s for our Alto saxophones, with the occasional F thrown in for laughs.

The bagpipes parts are also fairly easy and just right for those looking for beginner saxophone lessons !

There is the main “solo” bagpipe part which has some excellent long notes thus making it easy for playing along on our saxophones.  Then there is the “call and response” or “echo” part where the guitar plays a little 3 line phrase ( B, Bflat, high G for Alto sax ) that repeats 4 times, then there is a long notes phrase that also repeats 4 times.

How To Play It’s A Long Way to the Top On The Alto Saxophone

This video is an edited version of the full saxophone lesson inside the Members Area here at .  Watch my fingers to get a feel for the notes, but the emphasis here is having some fun.

The full version of this saxophone lesson runs for a little over half an hour.

The full version inside the Members Area has all of the notes, plus a downloadable Cheat Sheet to make it easier for you to bang your head and play rather than trying to remember the notes at the same time.

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Please keep playing your saxophone !



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