How To Put A Reed On A Saxophone Mouthpiece


In the global scheme of things, it is easy to learn how to put a reed on a saxophone mouthpiece.

After you’ve done it a few times it then become second nature.

Step 1.  Take your saxophone mouthpiece, your reed and your saxophone neck out your sax case.

Step 2.  Carefully hold the saxophone neck and gently put the mouthpiece on by twisting it backwards and forwards.  You may need to add a little cork grease – especially if your sax is brand new.

Step 3.  Once the mouthpiece is in place, loosen the screws on the mouthpiece ligature.  The ligature is the little clamp gizmo that holds the reed in place on the mouthpiece.  Do not take the ligature off the mouthpiece.

Step 4.  Carefully remove the reed from its own plastic or cardboard case.  Reeds break easily, so take care !

Step 5.  Slowly and carefully put the thick end of the reed between the mouthpiece and the ligature.  The flat side of the reed should be up against the mouthpiece hole.

Step 6.  Position the reed so that the tip is approximately a hairs width from the tip of the mouthpiece.  You should be able to see a tiny bit of the actual mouthpiece just above the tip of the reed.

Step 7.  Tighten the screws on the ligature to hold the reed in place.

Step 8.  If you need to adjust the reed slightly, loosen the screws on the ligature and gently wiggle the reed from the sides into the correct position.

Step 9.  Assemble your sax, and become the rock star that you were destined to be.

If you put your reed on your saxophone mouthpiece correctly, your reed will last longer, your saxophone will sound better and your sax will be easier to play.

I hope this helps you with learning how to put a reed on a saxophone mouthpiece !

Don’t forget:  Have fun.  Play sax.  Be awesome.  Repeat.




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