How To Put A Saxophone Together.

You’ve got a saxophone – well done.  Now you may be scratching your head and wondering to yourself, “How To Put A Saxophone Together ?”

Let me show you.

How To Put Together A Saxophone:

Step 1.  Open your saxophone case.  Take out your neck strap and put it on.

Step 2.  Carefully get out your reed from your saxophone case.  Put the reed cover back in your case so that you don’t lose it.  Give your reed a quick lick to moisten it.

Step 3.  Take out your mouthpiece and your saxophone neck.  Carefully attach your mouthpiece to your saxophone neck using a twisting backwards and forwards motion.  Note that the register key on the neck is delicate.  Take care with not bending it or putting undue force on the register key !

Step 4.   Fasten your moistened reed to the mouthpiece.  More instructions for this step can be found here: How To Put A Reed On A Saxophone Mouthpiece.  Put the mouthpiece/reed/neck aside – perhaps in the case.

Step 5.  Take out the main body of the saxophone from your case.  Use one hand on the main bell of the saxophone and use your other hand to grip firmly but carefully the top part of the saxophone.  Take care not to bend or put pressure on any of the keys or the hinges or rods or mechanisms on the sax itself.  Don’t drop it !!

Step 6.  Attach your neck strap to the appropriate hole at the back of your saxophone.  Remove the little plastic gizmo from the top of your saxophone and put it back in your case – again so that you don’t loose it.

Step 7.  Continuing on with our lesson on how to put a saxophone together, add the previously assembled mouthpiece/reed/neck to the main body of the saxophone.  You may need to loosen the little screw at the top of the sax.  Line up the underside of the neck with the register key thumb position on the back of the saxophone itself.  Tighten the screw – not too tight !

Step 8.  Final adjustments.  Ensure that the neck strap is at the right height, so that the saxophone mouthpiece pivots nicely into your mouth without you needing to bend down or reach up to it.  You may need to adjust the angle of the mouthpiece itself, so that it and the reed is horizontal and parallel to your mouth.

Step 9.  Rock the house down.  Play until you can play no more. Play the kind of music that YOU want to play.

Key takeaways with how to put a saxophone together:

Be careful !!

The saxophone is a delicate and complicated musical instrument.  It has many moving parts that can be broken easily without care being taken when handling it.

How To Put A Saxophone Together

Be slow.  Be deliberate.  Don’t drop it !

And that is how to put a saxophone together 🙂



Have Fun.  Play Sax.  Be Awesome.  Repeat.

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