How to Slow Down Youtube To Make It Easier To Play Along On Your Saxophone

Youtube is an amazing resource – especially for us musicians and saxophonists.  Almost every song ever written and recorded is there for our listening and playing along pleasure.

The problem can sometimes be, however, the version on Youtube is just too fast to play along with initially 🙁

I have said many times, “If you can hear it, then you can play it.”


And a song is often easier to hear when it is slower.


Even if you play it slowly, that still counts as playing it !

Youtube lets you slow any video down a notch or two without adjusting the pitch – which is fantastic, and one of several reasons I point most of the lessons here at to the original version on Youtube !

If I am practising a particular song, especially with Youtube, at first I tend to slow it down to 75% speed.

If a song that you are trying to play turns out to be a little bit of a challenge, may I suggest that you simply slow it down ?

I found this great video that shows you how to slow down Youtube to make it easier to play along on your saxophone.  Click the “Play” button below.

Most of the time, slowing a song down to 0.75x initially, rather than playing it at the full speed, will make it sooooooooo much easier.

We do this in many of the saxophone lessons within the Members Area here at !

This allows you to get your saxophone finger and mouth choreography coordinated and will help you to learn the song.

How to Play The Saxophone

How to Slow Down Youtube To Make It Easier To Play Along On Your Saxophone

Once you can play it slowly, you can then ramp up the speed until you are comfortable playing it at full speed – the same as the original version.

This, in turn makes you even more awesome than you already are 🙂

I hope this helps,




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