Notes On An Alto Sax – B.

How To Play B on the Alto Saxophone.


Hello and welcome to this Notes On Alto Saxophone series.

In this lesson for Beginner Saxophone Notes, we are going to learn how to play the note B on our alto saxophone.

There are actually THREE B notes on alto saxophone. 


1   To play a middle B, using your LEFT hand, place your pointer finger on the top main key of your saxophone.

2   To play a high B, simply add the Register key (sometimes known as the Octave key) using your LEFT thumb at the back of your saxophone.

3   To play a low B, add all three main fingers on your left hand, plus all three fingers on your right hand.  Add your LEFT pinky finger on the inside middle key.  Add your right pinky finger on the bottom key as well. 

It’s not hard at all !

Notes On Alto Saxophone – B

This is just one of the series of Notes On Alto Saxophone lessons here at How To Play The Sax.

Please have a look around our blog to find out how to play more notes on an alto sax 🙂



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