Off to the Fringe

As this post is published, I am on my way to the airport.

I am heading off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, United Kingdom, to perform as part of a musical theatre group.

And I get to take my saxophone !

I am VERY excited about this.  Quite simply, this is going to be an AMAZING experience and possibly even a life long dream come true….

For those of you who don’t know, I am based in Melbourne, Australia.  Edinburgh, Scotland is approximately 28 hours away by plane.  This makes for a long couple of flights….. We’re going from Melbourne to Singapore, then to London, then to Edinburgh.

My family and I are fortunate to be involved with Nuworks Theatre – a local Melbourne theatre group who put on several shows each year, most of which are musicals written and directed by David Dunn with some help from a few key individuals.

My daughters are quite talented actors – which they certainly didn’t get from me !  Just because I can, doesn’t mean that I should….

Last year my family and I had the privilege of being part of the Nuworks Theatre touring party – we and the cast went to Germany, England and Wales.  We did 19 performances across 21 days at 11 different venues.

I wrote about this tour last year here and here.

As my oldest daughter is in her final year of High School, while she was invited to come on this Edinburgh Fringe Festival adventure, she has made the courageous yet disappointing for her decision NOT to come with us this time.  My wife will also stay behind to support her.  This means that my youngest daughter and I are travelling together.

Most of the cast is in their 20’s, plus a few 30 somethings, 40 somethings, 50 somethings and above.  My daughter will turn 15 while we are away – she is the youngest in the group by at least 6 years.

We are taking two shows – That Bastard Brecht and The Electra Legacy.  I’m part of the live band for That Bastard Brecht and a miscellaneous soldier/farmer/chorus member of no particular note in The Electra Legacy.

My saxophone and I even made it into the promo video and flyers for That Bastard Brecht:

We are doing 24 performance across 12 days at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – 2 shows a day, one of each show.  It will be a rather gruelling schedule and I’m a little tired now just thinking about it.

But, this is going to be awesome.  We’ll also have the opportunity to see many other international shows, bands, comedians and performances.  Fantastic !!!!

We’ve rehearsed – a lot – and we’re ready.

If you are in Edinburgh, or if you are going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2018, please come and say “Hi” to me and the cast of Nuworks Theatre at our shows.   🙂






P.S.  Due to the wonders of modern technology, this website will automatically post my pre-prepared scheduled lessons and posts while I am away.  I’ll be in the members forums and emails though !

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