Saxophone Neck Straps.

What are are the best Saxophone Neck Straps ?

How do you use a saxophone neck strap ?

Are all neck straps for saxophone the same ?

A saxophone neck strap is actually a rather overlooked but vital piece of equipment.

A dodgy one will cause expensive damage to your pride and joy instrument when it fails and your saxophone is affected by gravity with alarming results.

A cheap and thin neck strap will be uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable saxophone neck straps take concentration away from actually playing your sax, not to mention removing some of the enjoyment.  If playing your sax becomes a battle in any way, shape or form, then you may eventually cease to actually play !!

And that would be a tragedy :-0

May I suggest the following requirements for your saxophone neck strap:

  1. If possible, wear your saxophone neck strap behind your collar. Your shirt collar, if you happen to have one, should be between your neck strap and your neck.
  2. Get a thick and wide one; not a thin one made of string.  Thick and wide neck straps are more comfortable and distribute the weight of your saxophone evenly across your neck.
  3.  Get one with a clip; not one with a hook.  A hook can easily and accidentally become unhooked !
  4.  Make sure the adjustment mechanism is firm, almost too firm.  If it moves easily, it can sometimes suddenly drop and again cause you or your sax some damage.
  5. Saxophone neck straps are usually ugly.  If you have some badges or ribbons, then please add your own flair to your neck strap.  Or perhaps you could invent a range of neck straps with impressive and artistic designs ?

There is also an argument for using a harness type saxophone holder strap.  These are fantastic if you have back or neck issues, as they distribute the weight of the saxophone across your shoulders.

You put them on in much the same way as you would a child’s car seat belt, or perhaps a bra.  Again, the same suggestions apply as per above – get a thick one, with a clip and a good adjustment mechanism.




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