Secret Ingredient to Learning How To Play The Sax

It’s all happening here at How To Play The Sax dot com !!

Drum roll please………. I’ve got fancy and shiny new business cards !

(And the crowd collectively gasps in awe at the sheer wonder of it all).

Shiny New Business Cards


What is the Secret Ingredient to Learning How To Play The Sax ?


Is it a special sauce, or a fancy saxophone, or special reeds, or an expensive mouthpiece ?

These new and oh so fancy business cards will obviously make me a better saxophonist.  It’s the secret shininess that gives them magical powers, which in turn will make my fingers move faster and my embouchure become a saxophonic mouth of wonder.

Or not, as the case may be.


However, what I do know is that I can help you become a better saxophonist.


I can help you learn how to play the saxophone.  I can be YOUR secret ingredient.

Here at , I’ve got a website, a blog, a Members Area and a Forum – all designed to help you get started on your saxophone journey.

Specialising in Beginner Saxophone Lessons, I am here to help you with learning how to play the music that YOU want to play. 

How To Play The Sax

We can do some fun songs, some easy songs, some good songs, some great songs, some rock / soul / funk / blues / disco / classic hits songs.

Got a question ?  Ask it in the Member forums.

Looking for saxophone lessons hints and tips ?  Scroll and peruse through the Blog.

Become a Member and you will get full access to all of the online saxophone lessons – the videos, the pdf Cheat Sheet downloads and more.

Have fun, play sax, be awesome, repeat !



P..S.  If you would like simple step by step instructions to help you learn how to play the saxophone, all neatly organised in the one convenient location, all provided by an experienced saxophone teacher who can help you to play the music that you want to play quickly and easily, then check out our saxophone lessons membership options.  Get started on your saxophone journey today !


Remember – I can help you learn How To Play The Sax 🙂


YES – I want to Have Fun, Play Sax, Be Awesome and Repeat !



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