That’s A Wrap, Adelaide

All I can say is “WOW !”.  What an amazing experience !!

Last week the theatre company I am involved with – nuworks Theatre – made the epic journey from our home base in Melbourne to Adelaide to perform at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

No Bertolt, you can’t have my hat. That Bastard Brecht

Driving all day for 11 hours on Thursday was a bit longer than I had anticipated, but hey.

Like all tours, it’s exciting when the group meets up at the venue for the first time.  As cast members arrived in ones, twos and threes over a period of an hour or two to bump in, the enthusiasm was contagious.


We’ve rehearsed That Bastard Brecht to within an inch of its life, over a period of about a year.  We’ve done many performances, we know what we’re doing.


Winning the Best Overseas Show Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year – and the 12 or so performances as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival itself – certainly helped.

We were ready.

That Bastard Brecht Curtain Banner

Star Theatres is a nice little venue not too far from the city where several Adelaide Fringe Festival performances took place – ours being one of them.

We did five performances across three days in Adelaide: one on Friday evening, two shows on Saturday and two shows on Sunday.  Then drove another 11 hours back home to Melbourne again on Monday.

It’s always tricky when performing in a town where you have not performed before.  Will people like our show ?  Will people actually turn up ?  Will there be an audience ?

Our fears and worries were soon put behind us as enthusiastic audiences did, in fact, turn up.  Kind of a relief, really !



Again, just like in Edinburgh, our Adelaide Fringe Festival performances were slick, professional and outstanding – even if I do say so myself !!!!

That Bastard Brecht – Adelaide Fringe Festival Cast


As a group I feel that I am blessed to be able to hang out and perform with such talented actors and musicians.  And everyone is so nice !!!  Playing my saxophone with these incredible people is such a joy.

Even though we are of quite diverse ages – we range in age from 15 to 60-something – we all get on well, we all support each other, we all help, teach and learn from each other.

I have heard horror stories of tour groups that hate each other – even when on stage performing.  Not us !!!


We laugh, we have fun, we respect each other, we treat each performance as a professional gig – and I think it shows on stage.


We heard the classic lines, comments and feedback from the audience after every show, “What are you guys doing here in such a small theatre ?  You should be in the <insert big theatre name here> performing to thousands of people to sell out shows every night !”

Not wanting to brag, but I actually agree.  Because we are officially an amateur theatre group, our advertising budget is on the extremely smaller side of less than zero.  If anyone has some marketing suggestions, I’d love to hear them, please.  Especially now that we’ve got the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2019 in our sights !!

Dad and Daughter rocking the Adelaide Fringe Festival with That Bastard Brecht

Again, my 15 year old daughter was part of the cast in Adelaide, just like last year in Edinburgh, and the year before in Germany and across the UK.  Again, she was an equal in all respects.  Again, it was a joy, a wonder and a privilege to share a stage with her.  I am very lucky and a ridiculously proud Dad 🙂

Individually and as a group, we all enjoyed our Adelaide Fringe Festival adventure.  I know I sure did.  What an adventure !

Thank you to my fellow cast of nuworks Theatres “That Bastard Brecht”.  You guys are AWESOME !



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