Fun That’s The Way I Like It Saxophone Group Video

Recently, as part of our ” Have Fun, Play Saxophone, Be Awesome, Repeat ” mantra, the call went out for our Members here at to submit videos of themselves playing their saxophones along to the great disco song That’s The Way I Like It by KC and the Sunshine Band.

Alto Saxophone Lessons numbers 143 and 144 (and some Tenor saxophone lessons as well) for this That’s The Way I Like It saxophone song arrangement proved to be great fun and popular with our Members, so it was a natural song selection for our first Group Video project.

Our AWSEOME saxophone students all over the world began practicing and getting their “uh huh, uh huh”‘s on.

Some kept their That’s The Way I Like It saxophone plans hidden from friends and family, while others embraced the challenge in close quarters lock down lounge rooms and bedrooms around the world.

Keep in mind that many of these amazing saxophone players have been only playing their saxes, on average, for 6 months or so !


Click the “play button” on the video above, or watch our That’s The Way I Like It Saxophone Group Video directly on YouTube !

As far as a Members engagement project is concerned, this went very well.  Don’t tell anyone, but it was learning how to play the saxophone cunningly disguised as fun !!

Some people were understandably a little unsure, and “cold feet” became a bit of an excuse.  Totally fair enough.  Performing is not everyone’s cup of tea – and that’s ok.

Many others gave it a red hot go, but then decided in the end to not submit their videos – again, this is completely understandable !  As far as saxophones and saxophone playing is concerned, I am a BIG believer in the concept of “if it’s not fun, then don’t do it”.


However, others took up the challenge with gusto.

I am sure that you will agree: the six people in the That’s The Way I Like It saxophone group video above who did rise up to the challenge did an AMAZING job.

I too experienced an enormous learning curve as far as my video editing skills were concerned.  This project involved me biting off far more than I could chew….and chewing like crazy.  It took me much longer to put the final audio and video versions together than I initially thought it would (sorry !)….. but I am extremely pleased with the end result.That's The Way I Like It Saxophone Group Video

Annette from New Zealand, Bernhard from Germany, Lynne from the UK, Pete from the UK, LaRae from Canada and Scott from The Netherlands – I am so proud of you and VERY impressed with your bravery, your enthusiasm and your sheer AWESOMENESS.  You should be proud of yourselves too.

The smiles that can be seen during the video, and especially at the end as everyone turns off their cameras, to me are just beautiful.

I love our That’s the way I like it saxophone group video.  Uh-huh, Uh-huh.

Thank you Annette, Bernhard, Lynne, Pete, LaRae and Scott !  You are obviously well on the way to being the ROCK STARS that you so much deserve to be !

We WILL do another Members Group Video soon.  If you would like to be involved in an impromptu international group of saxophone players having some fun and playing a great song – like in the video above – then become a Member today 🙂


Matthew 🎷


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