Become A Better Human

Current lock downs, government imposed and self isolation’s amid the corona virus pandemic across the globe are an inconvenience to some and a tragedy to others.

It is safe to suggest that we are living in unprecedented times.

Businesses are closed, streets are empty, and a significant proportion of the worlds population is stuck at home.

This has potential to affect many peoples mental (not to mention physical) health.  It has realised the best and the worst that humans are capable of.

How we are reacting as individuals to this is interesting.

Some people see covid-19 as The End Of The World As We Know It.  It is scary, confronting, and understandably worrying.

Other people see this as an opportunity to become a better human.

Yes – the whole world-wide sickness and people dying thing is extremely not good !!!!

And yes – the economics are a little on the challenging side too, with massive job losses, work hours cut and incomes decimated.  Also not good !!

However, some people are making use of their isolation time and corona-vacation to spend it with people they WANT to spend time with, rather than people that they HAVE to spend time with.

Some people are using it to help others and to help themselves.

Some are seeing this as an opportunity to dust off their hobbies, their crafts, their bookshelves, their bucket lists.

OK – so travel and leaving the house are not really an option for a significant proportion of the worlds population right now.  However, so far the internet appears to be holding up nicely, and therefore in effect the world is still available to us.


Learn Stuff


Obviously I am biased towards helping others learning how to play the saxophone.  That is the primary goal of this blog and this website !

However, I fully recognise that the saxophone does not necessarily float everyone’s boat.  It’s a shame, those people are wrong, but there you go. 🙂

Instead, how about taking this rare opportunity to learn something else that does float your boat ?

A musical instrument – guitar, piano, bagpipes, vocals/singing, bassoon, trumpet – there are soooo many music lessons available online.  Or, order a music book and pick up your long lost / ignored instrument again and give it another go.

How about learning something else that you have always wanted to learn ?

Music, art, computer coding, business, photography, health / fitness / wellness, cooking, dance – there is a course for that !

Udemy and Skillshare have thousands of fantastic courses in all shapes and sizes, as do many individual websites such as, all of which are great resources for becoming a better human.

TED is an amazing free resource – it has many, many great talks given by insightful people who have become better humans – with incredible “food for thought”.

And don’t forget Youtube !  There is an incredible amount of learning to be done on Youtube that will help you become a better human !!

Many of these resources are free or very low cost.  Why not make use of the time you may now have to become a better human by expanding your knowledge and skillset ?  Or think about upskilling for your existing or future job ?


Achieve Stuff


Got some time on your hands ?  Most of us do !!  Why not write a list and tick things off it ?

Have you been meaning to go out in the garden and do some weeding, tidy your sock draw or the garage, paint the house, tie dye some tshirts, clean something, make something, cook something, read something, fix something ?

How about friends or relatives close or not so close to your physical location ?  Can you Skype, Facetime, Messenger, Zoom them ?  What about using the telephone to call them ?

Pre-lock down, if you used to meet a friend after work on a Friday night for a drink, why not meet them online via a video call and still have that drink together ?

Perhaps you could start an exercise program – online yoga, pilates, zoomba, aerobics, weights training….they are all available online !

Please don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

However, this unprecedented opportunity we find ourselves in does present a potentially unique moment in time to do some things and achieve some outcomes that may not necessarily have been an option in the past.

Getting things done is one simple way to become a better human.


Pursue Dreams and Hobbies


Many of my online saxophone lessons students tell me that they have always wanted to learn how to play the sax, so they have simply made the leap and started.  Some of my students tell me that they used to play the saxophone 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 years ago and have just taken it up again recently.  Good on them !!

Can you start something that you’ve always wanted to do, or pick up again from where you left off many years ago ?

The short answer is YES.

Music, sports ( solitary !!), hobbies, arts, crafts, cooking, collecting, creating, physical, mental: dreams and hobbies can be started or resurrected.

Again, with the help of the stuff or resources you’ve got lying around your house, or online, the possibilities are almost endless.

One way to become a better human is to expand your horizons and chase your dreams.  If you are happy and heading towards something that is important to you, then those around you will either support you, follow you, or at least be happy for your.

What is it that you would love to do more of, but haven’t really had the time until now ?




In our always on, always busy, always working lives, sleep is often one of the first casualties in the “not enough time in the day” scenario.

Can you consciously and deliberately stop, breathe, relax and rest ?

Naps, going to bed early, sleeping in, couch time, TV / DVD / Netflix time are all deliciously available to you.

Catch up on the sleep that you have been missing out on – possibly for years.  Read a book.  Watch the TV.  Sit on the couch in your tracksuit or PJ’s and have a nice cup of tea.  Chill out.  Listen to music.  Stare into space.  Do nothing…..absolutely nothing.

Enjoy it and don’t feel too guilty 🙂


Help Others


Perhaps you have medical or essential services training.  Now might be a good time to deliberately offer your services to institutions or people who need it.

Maybe you can volunteer at your local charity – possibly virtually, or in a work from home capacity ?

Can you offer to go to the supermarket or grocery store for your elderly neighbours ?

Perhaps you can mow your neighbours lawn.  Organise or join a local Facebook Group for your street or building and see who needs a hand.

Spend time with your kids or immediate family.  Help your husband/wife/partner with something around the house.

Teach your skills to others either online or “in person” over the phone.  Start a Youtube channel.  Start a Facebook page.  Record a simple video using your phone and upload it somewhere.

The possibilities are endless.

It is easy to become a better human.  The resources are there and available to you.  You probably have the time.  Help yourself.  Help others.

Become a better human.

Please let me know in the comments below – what are you doing to become a better human while you are stuck at home and have a little more time than usual on your hands ?

Become A Better Human

Please stay healthy.  Please stay safe.  Please look after yourself and those nearest and dearest and close to you.




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